Welcome to our general store of information.  We encourage you to browse these articles. We hope that you will see that pets are our passion ...we are delighted that you have chosen Global Pet Foods, Clair Road in Guelph, to help you find just the right things for your four-legged family member.

Premium Food and Treats

Make them Behave
Food that They Need

Congratulations! You've decided to find out everything you can about premium food and treats. We can introduce you to some of the brands we carry. Just click below ... there is always a sales associate at the store happy to answer your questions in person ... please just call us at (519)823-3004.

Raw Feeding

There's nothing we like more than a good solid discussion about a controversial subject like Raw Feeding.  We sure know how to talk about Raw Feeding at Global Pet Foods ... and we'd like to get your attention about the benefits of Raw Feeding too ... we'll start by inviting you to watch our video below and then ... when you see how excited we are and how much we really feel Raw Feeding can rock your pet's health ... come and see us ... FAST ... because your four legged pet is just waiting for this new opportunity.

OR WAIT ... should we train YOU?

Just like our approach to pet food, we approach the IMPORTANCE of training the same way ... every pet is unique ... just like you are ... the family relationship in the beginning of your new pet's life is fragile ... like a baby .. and we value those early opportunities to make connections ... so we don't give cheap advice ... we know who in the neighbourhood is going to get the job done ... of training you ... to have the best possible relationship with your PET.  

We work with the local trainers and animal specialists to carry the equipment that is best suited for their system and style of training ... when you ask for our recommendation ... we know that you'll get the help you need ... right from the start ... until you and your Best Friend are indeed BEST FRIENDS

Feeding your pet quality pet food is a sound investment in your pet's health.  At Global Pet Foods on Clair Road, Guelph, we refer to building a solid platform of good health by choosing to feed only premium food and treats to our animals.


When we build a solid platform of good health for our pets, right from birth, we give them a healthy jumping off place ...when we maintain that platform throughout their life, we know that their senior years will be more comforable and their aches and pains more manageable.


Any pet food or treat company can claim it is making a premium product.


At Global Pet Foods, on Clair Road, Guelph, we believe that the "proof is in the pudding".  


Before we recommend a food or treat to you, we insist on reliable, first-hand knowledge that it will perform as claimed. 


We encourage your questions and we welcome your concerns.


Remember, your pet is our passion.


Friendly Pets


Irritating or dangerous behavior ... what is it and how to fix it.


Keep them healthy



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