All of us have a special reason for living our passion ... which is exactly what we do at Global Pet Foods ... we want you to have the best things for your pet family just like we have for ours ... here are our stories.

Marilyn (owner)

Even when I was a little kid, I was crazy about things covered in fur ... furry slippers ... fuzzy coats ... so it only followed that I would be equally crazy about pets ... I got my first cat after nearly shaking my dad off a ladder in order to get his attention ... it was a love affair for me after that ... many more cats and many many happy memories.  Eventually, I was able to get a dog and a new love affair was born. Sadly, like many true love affairs there are tearful endings ... I lost that dog to juvinielle cancer and many years later a cat to urinary tract crystals.  Right after I lost my cat to urinary crystals, I made up my mind that I wanted to change careers (25 previous years as a legal assistant) and own a Global Pet Food shop.  After all Global Pet Foods is Canada's Healthy Choice for Pets.  So now I have a household being run by 3 cats and a dog ... and I am living the right life for me ... one that involves helping my customers make great food choices for their four-legged family members!

Holly (pet care specialist)

I have been working in the pet retail business for over 8 years.  My passion for animals greatly contributes to my job satisfaction.  My pet family includes three chihuahuas named Ricky, Gus and Mona.  I also have several fish and axolotl's.  In fact, there are almost no animals that I have not had as pets.  I really had a mini zoo when I was growing up.  During my off hours, I paint and play hockey!

Karen (pet care specialist)

After working for decades in office administration, it was time for a change!  In between enjoying regular days looking after my grandchildren, I also enjoy interacting with the customers at Global Pet Foods.  I have the joy of owning three little dogs ... Muffy, Rascal and Teddy.  As a pet owner, I have had health challenges with the dogs and it has become really clear to me that many issues can be traced back to food.  When a customer comes back to us and tells us that a change in food or treats has worked out, it makes my day!


Hamish (pet care specialist)

I've been either volunteering or working at Global Pet Foods for the last 7 years.  I also volunteer at the Sunrise Centre here in Guelph.  I have a 6 year old Min Pin and I am currently looking after my father's 15 year old cat.  I also love my hamster, Zoey.  I really enjoy helping the customers at Global Pet Foods.  From time to time, I have also had fun wearing costumes and entertaining the customers!



Muriel (pet care specialist)


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